Picking Jasper up from the floor

As a newborn I did a lot of my play with Jasper on the couch next to me. It wasn’t until he was about 2 months old that I finally worked out that I was able to lift Jasper up & down off the floor.

To get Jasper onto the floor I position him to sit sideways on my lap with his legs over one wheel. I have one arm across his chest with his arms hooked over mine & my other arm is leaning on the arm chair supporting me as I lift him over the wheel and onto the floor. 

 To pick him up from the floor I lean on the arm chair for support & with my other arm I scoop Jasper up in a football kind of a hold. He actually helps me to pick him up. I count to 3 and he tenses up making it easier for me to lift him. As I scoop him up I make it into a game. He has never complained! Now the majority of his playtime is on the floor which is much safer since he has started to roll.