Bernie puts Jasper in the car

Going into all the baby shops was very overwhelming. We had no idea what type of car seat was going to be the easiest for me to operate. A friend suggested we purchase an Infa-Secure Turn-A-Tot car seat. This car seat is not a capsule. It does however swivel 360 degrees. I turn the car seat to face the door making it easier for me to lift Jasper in. Once all buckles are secured I swivel the seat around 90 degrees until it locks into place rear facing.

 To get Jasper out I simply release the locked lever & swivel the car seat around to face the door again. Surprisingly Jasper leans forward which heaps when pulling his arms to get him out of the car seat. It looks a little awkward; however I have always made it into a bit of a game for Jasper and he seems to love it!