Jasper's first bath at home

Bathing Jasper

Initially I was so nervous about bathing Jasper. A friend suggested I purchase a “Fisher Price” bath that has a sling. We have the bath sitting on a table along with his change mat. I used a contour pillow to support him on my lap so I could safely & comfortably wash his eyes with cotton wool balls. I placed him in his sling ensuring the water was at the right temperature of 38 degrees. I use 2 washers, one to place on his belly to keep him warm & the other is to wash his body. The sling allows me to be hands free & gives me the confidence to sit him up safely & wash his back without the fear of dropping or drowning him!

I have his change mat sitting next to the bath, making it easy to lift Jasper from his bath sling to the change mat all in one motion. The less moving in my wheelchair with a wet slippery baby the safer bath time is. I also have his towel laid out on his change mat & a clean set of clothes all at the ready.

This process has worked well for me. I feel very confident & completely safe when bathing Jasper.


Jasper has a shower (12 months)  

Jasper is now 12 months old and has outgrown his baby bath. We do have a bath tub but I am unable to get Jasper in and out of the bath safely. Craig does the bath time routine each evening. This is their special time together and they have heaps of fun splashing about. When Craig is away for work it is up to me to do bath time.

I sit Jasper on the same shower chair that I use to shower. I make sure I have bath toys and a washer sitting on the shower chair to keep him entertained and not wanting to reach for things while in the shower. I have one arm/hand on Jasper which also helps to balance myself, while the other is washing the baby. I try to make bath time fun but quick. I feel quite secure with him sitting on my shower chair as he knows he is not allowed to stand up or move about. When lifting him off the shower chair and onto my lap I ensure all the soap has been thoroughly washed off his body as it is an awkward lift and I wouldn’t want him slipping out of my grasp. So far this technique has worked well for me.    





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