Jasper (22 months) no longer wore nappies during the day. He wears his “Rory” (racing car) undies as he calls them. At this stage he still wore a nappy to bed at night.

Jasper was introduced to the potty at 8 weeks of age. I know you think this sounds crazy, well so did I when Craig mentioned the idea to me when Jasper was just 8 weeks old. We were wondering how I would manage to toilet train a toddler, so Craig researched toilet training online.He suggested to me that we simply hold Jasper over the potty for a few minutes each time he woke up and needed a nappy changed. This wasn’t meant to be training him to use the potty but more trying to develop a “habit” i.e. the minute you wake up it is time to go to the toilet. I found this too much for me at the time, so this is something that Craig did each time with great pride.

By the time Jasper was crawling, I would tell him it was potty time. He would happily crawl to his potty; I would help him with his pants, then help him onto the potty. He got into the habit of using the potty regularly.

Jasper at 6 months of age

Jasper at 6 months of age

Jasper runs through the house yelling “Wee Wees” or “Poo Poos” while pulling down his undies rushing to the potty or the big toilet. On the big toilet we have a toilet seat with a step which gives him the independence to be able to use the main toilet. Craig also bought me a portable fold up toilet seat that I carry in Jasper’s bag when we go out so that he feels comfortable on any toilet.

Main toilet seat with step

Main toilet seat with step


Portable toilet seat - folds up

Portable toilet seat – folds up

At 27 months Jasper started to wake through the night calling out saying the he needed to do a wee or a poo even though he was still wearing a nappy. So we decided to put him in his training pants at night instead of wearing a nappy. This resulted in him having a few accidents in the night initially, however it only took a week before we were having dry nights.

I always make sure I have a set of clean sheets and pyjamas handy in his room in-case he has an accident throughout the night.

I have never had to struggle with a toddler trying to get them to sit on the toilet. So Craig’s crazy idea has made my life easy.

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