Bernie puts Jasper in the car

Putting Jasper in his car seat

Going into all the baby shops was very overwhelming. We had no idea what type of car seat was going to be the easiest for me to operate. A friend suggested we purchase an Infa-Secure Turn-A-Tot car seat. This car seat is not a capsule. It does however swivel 360 degrees. I turn the car seat to face the door making it easier for me to lift Jasper in. Once all buckles are secured I swivel the seat around 90 degrees until it locks into place rear facing.
To get Jasper out I simply release the locked lever & swivel the car seat around to face the door again. Surprisingly Jasper leans forward which heaps when pulling his arms to get him out of the car seat. It looks a little awkward; however I have always made it into a bit of a game for Jasper and he seems to love it!



Getting Jasper in the car seat at 17 months

There is very little lifting done on my behalf now getting Jasper in and out of the car. He does most of the work. I place his feet on the back car seat and he pulls himself into his car seat.  He will stand up, turn around then sit himself down. If he doesn’t sit down, I will tickle him and he sits straight down. He puts his arms under the straps and I do up the buckle. To get him out I just kind of pull him out once he takes his arms out from the straps. He loves the climbing!


Getting Jasper in the car seat at 24 months

At the age of 2 year, Jasper started trying to take off his seat belts constantly and was looking uncomfortable in his seat so we  purchased a new car seat for him. His turn-a-tot car seat was great for when he was younger, however the seat seemed too reclined even though it was in the most upright position. His new car seat is a Infasecure Convertible car seat which allows Jasper to sit more upright. He is much happier.

Jasper now wants to climb into the back seat on his own without my help. He walks along the back seat to his car seat and sits in waiting for me to buckle him in. I have encouraged him to take a toy in the car each time. I have an ulterior motive for this. If he messes about and doesn’t sit straight down into his car seat, I give him a warning that I will take away his toy. Most of the time this is enough for him to sit straight down, however I have had to take his toy from him. The weird thing is he hands it to me! Alternatively if I can’t reach him I start to go back inside the house saying that we aren’t going  anywhere and he immediately sits down yelling “ready mummy!”.


24 Months

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