Jasper's Power Cot

Jasper’s Power Cot

We are trialling the 3 in 1 Power Cot made by Pramar Pty Ltd. The cot is designed to help people with disabilities or someone with an injury to safely tend to baby. Aesthetically the cot looks just like any ordinary cot however it is motorised. A remote control is used to raise the cot to my ideal height so that I can pick Jasper up out of the cot & it can be lowed to ensure he won’t be able to climb out. I also use the area to play as Jasper is at a good height to interact with me. This cot is more convenient for me then the standard cots found in the shops. I became very stressed shopping for cots & not being able to operate them. The Power Cot has allowed me to independently look after Jasper safely.

“Most people take putting their child in and out of a cot for granted! The beauty of total independence to do just a simple task…is priceless!”

To view this brilliant cot go to: www.3in1powercot.com


Jaspers Power Cot at 17 Months

Lifting him in and out of his cot now is simpler. Again he does most of the work. I sit him on the rail and he lowers himself down onto the mattress which is in the up position. I then lower the mattress to its lowest position so he can’t fall out when sleeping. When hoping out now he likes to step over the rail onto my lap.

So, things are less physical for me now that Jasper loves trying to do so many tasks independently.


Jaspers Power Cot at 24 Months

Jasper has mastered the potty, so it is time to remove the side from his cot. We have attached a side rail to his cot just so he doesn’t fall out of bed, yet he can still get out when needed. This cot is fantastic. When it is down in it’s lowest position, it isn’t very high off the ground. Therefore it is really easy for Jasper to get in and out of bed on his own.

Each evening Jasper will sit on the end of his bed and I raise the cot to my height so we can read his bedtime books together. When all books are read, I lower the cot back to it’s lowest position. I love this as it just means that I don’t have to be bending over reading him his books or Jasper doesn’t have to climb onto my lap to read books. Love this cot!!

Fortunately Jasper LOVES his sleep. Once he is in bed he doesn’t come out of his room unless he needs to go to the toilet. Initially I did catch him twice reading books in the lounge instead of having his afternoon sleep. I told him it was sleep time and that he needed to go to back to bed. I allowed him to take a book with him. Worked like a treat….no complaining he just went back to bed. I think he read the book twice then was fast asleep both times.

We are soooo lucky to have a great sleeper!


Big boy bed now!



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