Picking Jasper up from the floor

Putting down Jasper

As a newborn I did a lot of my play with Jasper on the couch next to me. It wasn’t until he was about 2 months old that I finally worked out that I was able to lift Jasper up and down off the floor.

To get Jasper onto the floor I position him to sit sideways on my lap with his legs over one wheel. I have one arm across his chest with his arms hooked over mine and my other arm is leaning on the arm chair supporting me as I lift him over the wheel and onto the floor.





Picking up Jasper

To pick him up from the floor I lean on the arm chair for support and with my other arm I scoop Jasper up in a football kind of ahold. He actually helps me to pick him up. I count to 3 and he tenses up making it easier for me to lift him. As I scoop him up I make it into a game. He has never complained! Now the majority of his playtime is on the floor which is much safer since he has started to roll.

Picking up Jasper

Picking up Jasper



Picking up Jasper (10 months)

Jasper is now commando crawling throughout the house. He uses his arms to propel across the floor and his toes to push forward. He has blisters on his big toes but that doesn’t seem to bother him. When he is getting tired and wants to go to bed or if it is lunch time, he now commando crawls up to my wheelchair. From there I support myself with one hand and assist him in standing up on the floor with the other. I then encourage him to stand on my feet where I can easily lift him onto my lap. Again this is with one arm as the other is supporting myself. He doesn’t seem to mind this technique.

Getting him off my lap is much easier also. I just slide him down my legs so that he sits on my feet. I then lower him to the ground from there, however he shuffles himself to the floor no worries. He thinks it is fun thankfully.


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